Lussie’s Style Opening!! Yes, it’s real!

We are working towards beginnings. And beginnings are hard. Beginnings require a lot of investment, energy but also good and dedicated friends, and an open mind.

I’m lucky to have great friends, who supported launch by being my simply stunning models for our 1st of its kind fashion show – thank you Pina, Daniela, Nadia, Hasmik & Mara!I’m also lucky to have met by serendipity an inspiring young photographer, Rita Ansone, who will continue the journey as part of our core team also in the future as I hope.

We couldn’t have also made it without our partners: Hasmik & Rosanna, the creators of the gorgeous flower decoration company La Dolce Flora! Also big thanks to our partners at Beauty Marga, Laura and Marga, who are always happy to share about our exceptional dresses to their customers, and who are also part of our distribution network!

Last but not least, thanks to my hubby who is my partner in life & crime, and my supporting family for always keeping up with my colorful craziness !

Author: Lussie

Founder of Lussie's Style

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